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Wow, nearly a year later and what do I have to show for it? Well, let's see... a CG job with Crazybridge, a production, storyboard, and post internship (in that order) with Shadow Machine, and a short, competition-based Flash class (you can view my entry that won my place in the class here) held by 6 LA-based Flash studios. I'm pursuing a Flash animator and/or storyboard career path, and to show I added some new stuff: two new life drawings, and a new storyboard entry in the story section.

Hello again! I have an apartment now and have removed the contents of my car and placed them inside. I'm living less and less out of boxes as Craigslist provides more and more. SIGGRAPH came and went and I made a lot of contacts and found a lot of job leads. I'm applying for a lot of positions online and also looking at others means (ie, Craigslist... is there anything it can't do?) of finding jobs.

www.chrispstuff.com is online. It's my 5th day in Los Angeles and I'm in the middle of getting an apartment. Last night I attended Eric Goldberg's book signing for his new (awesome) book "Character Animation Crash Course!" I met a few animators, some professional, some student, all fascinating. The next big event to attend is SIGGRAPH 08, coincidentally located in LA.